Puerto Princesa - City Tour | Palawan Bound

The last part of the whole Palawan getaway is finally here. We left El Nido early in the morning and had a 6 hour drive back to Puerto Princesa. Our itinerary for the last day was a city tour around Puerto Princesa and we arrived at our 1st destination around half past 12 in the afternoon. Our flight back to Manila was in a few hours so we had to make every minute count! Our scheduling was kinda cramped but we didn't let it get to us. We tried doing as much of the tour as we could. Keep scrolling to read more of what we did and where we went during the city tour. Also, show some love on my Palawan vlogs! Love yah! 

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Our city tour had more places included, but due to lack of time we only ended up going to 4 locations:

1. Wildlife Rescue & Conservation Center (Crocodile farm and zoo)
2. Mitra's Ranch (Zipline area)
3. Baker's Hill
4. Butterfly Ecological Garden and Tribal Village

My least favorite was our 1st destination. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate zoos. I've been to quite a few but the one in Puerto Princesa didn't really leave good memories with me. Moving on to our next destination, which has got to be my favorite of all. We went to Mitra's Ranch, the view was beautiful, and what striked our interest was their 4-connecting zip lines. I've never tried doing a series of ziplines before, and I've definitely never tried ziplining upside down. That was a crazy experience! Although, it got us really tired, so by the time we reached Baker's Hill we were already exhausted.

Baker's Hill was a great place to take photos though. Not really sure what the place was but it looked pretty instagram-worthy! We finally got to eat after a long morning at Baker's Hill Kitchen, it was also the only time I got to have "halo-halo" and "leche plan" for the whole time I was in the Philippines. Our last stop before heading to the airport was the butterfly garden. Again, a great place to take pictures, but somehow there were not much butterflies as I expected. I tried capturing a few shots though! Well that's about it! Overall? Palawan was great! On my next post we're going back to Manila so keep in touch!

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Date: December 26 - 28, 2017
Venue: Palawan, Philippines