Wonderwall | Coffee Moments

"And after all you're my wonderwall" - Oasis. Hey guys! How's it going? If you must know, one of my resolutions for 2018 is to lessen my coffee intake. Normally, I drink around 4 cups of coffee a day. I've been doing so since I was in my senior year in highschool. It ain't doing good things to my body anymore so I cut it off to once every 2 days. Still not used to it, I feel so groggy most of the day but it's for my own good! So for this week's dose of covfefe, I'm reviewing one of my go-to coffee shops here in Macau: Wonderwall Coffee. Keep scrolling to see my thoughts, not only with their coffee but also with the cafe itself. *cheers*

Since it's my 1st coffee moments here at #Katee Of The Day, let me just make this clear: I am not a coffee expert. There's a difference between a coffee connoisseur and someone who just enjoys coffee for being what it is. I don't study coffee beans and roasts, although I've inhaled a few coffee facts from years of ordering and experimenting. For this type of review I'd be judging it based on the cafe's menu, environment, location, interior & exterior. Also a few of my faves would be mentioned. Shall we?

1. Menu

Wonderwall's menu isn't as big and grand like Starbucks. They have your regulars: lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, etc. Yet, they also have a few specials like their rose or salted caramel flavored lattes. I'm a big fan of rose flavored everything so obviously that's been my order for all the times I've went to Wonderwall. They also provide a few cakes and savory items, and beer. Yes, beer.

2. Environment & Location

The cafe is located in a very quiet and artistic street of Macau, it fits the theme in my opinion. Whether it's for writing my thesis or writing up blog posts out of my house, I always appreciate quiet corners like Wonderwall. It helps me get my work done, of course, with a great cup of coffee. Not to mention, it's walking distance from my current place.

3. Interior & Exterior

There are lots of types of coffee shops. I'm a very basic girl, homey feels and wooden interiors are my fave. Don't get me wrong, I like fancy coffee shops too. But as for an everyday crash, I'd prefer somewhere that makes me feel at home. Plus, Wonderwall has some really great art quirks inside (no pictures taken) which tingles my artistic little self. Also, this was the only time I got to sit at their outdoor table because there's always someone there. 

I've never been to one but actually Wonderwall hosts lots of jazz nights from time to time. Macau is so small and unexposed to these type of events which I think makes Wonderwall own jazz nights. My next goal is to finally attend even once. I love going to Wonderwall mainly for it's culture and aesthetics. Their coffee is average but the coziness of the place is what hooks me. Well that's it for my 1st Coffee Moments. Check out my related look for this shoot here: I Can Be Your Solja!. Can you guess where would my next review be? Until then, love yah!

Venue: Wonderwall Coffee
Address: Macau, Rua Do Volong No.54-AEDIF. Nga Loi RC-B, Macau
Facebook: Wonderwall Coffee
Official Site: http://www.wonderwallcoffee.com/
Telephone #: +853 6555 3650

Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)