Wear Red Day

As part of my on-going 2018 National Days Challenge on Instagram, I thought of wearing my fiery red joggers to commemorate "National Wear Red Day" > See more days of my challenge on my IG: @kateeotd (#kotdnationalday). What actually is wear red day? Tbh, I didn't know until I searched just a few minutes ago from writing this post. Apparently, this day is when people wear red (obviously) to show support for the awareness of heart disease, celebrated mainly in the US. I personally don't know anyone from my immediate family, friends, and relatives who has heart disease, but I don't mind still showing support to people who goes through it. Going through something as heavy as heart disease, or any disease for that matter, will really make a person struggle and I just want to share my prayers to them. What a world it would be if there was a fast and effective cure for everything.

Moving on to my outfit. This look isn't one of my faves. I thought it would be, but in the end it wasn't. I was very insecure with how chunky I looked since I was just wearing mesh and a bralette. I didn't even go out like this, before and after the shoot I had to hide my body with my knitted sweater and that's not only because it was 15 degree Celsius. A few days ago, I started editing these photos and I was very indecisive with which pictures to use since most of them showed my baby fats, love handles, and thick thighs. I wanted to Photoshop them, I really did, but I thought to myself... why should I? 

This is me, this is the body I have for the things I've been doing. I still try to be active like dancing, home exercising, and jogging, but I also really love food. Should I really be ashamed with how I looked? Well this is the result of my insecurities, I decided to share it with you guys. I want to be more comfortable with my body and I hope you don't mind that! Anyway, February is here! Ready for all the love Valentines has to bring! Can't wait to show you guys what I have in store, till then, Ciao!

x Mesh Top: Pull & Bear // Beret: Asos // Bralette: Sixty Nine // Joggers: Stradivarius // Boots: H&M // Pouch: Victoria's Secret x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)