Unemployed | A Sassy Orange

Okay, so I just now realized that I had so much pending looks from 2017. Too much that they make up at least 3 months worth of blogposts. Hurray for me? I don't want to backlog my new 2018 outfits either, so I guess I'm just gonna slip in a few here and there. As for my #throwback2017 looks, here's the 1st one. When I felt like a sassy orange ready to take over the world. It was around early December when the temperature just dropped to 12 degrees. It was so damn cold but I really liked my outfit as it is so I refused to wear warmer clothes. Fashion over comfort?

After lunch and eyelash extensions with my sisters, we headed out to do a quick picture-taking somewhere around Cotai area. Surprisingly, my photos turned out great despite the thick, dark layer of clouds. I guess wearing a bright ass oversized hoodie helped lightening up my pictures. Also, kudos to my sister for doing a great job (@styleche) as my substitute photographer. Fun fact about my orange hoodie: I've actually wanted this for a long time. I saw it once in H&M's mens section earlier last year, yet I only got to buy it around November. Haha! In the end, buying it was the right choice. Well that's a wrap for today. How's your 2018 going so far? Mine ain't that great lately because I'm still recovering from so much grieving. Hope you aren't going through the same things as I am though. See you next time, love!

x Hoodie & Skirt: H&M // Boots: Stradivarius // Hat: Asos x
Photo Credits to: Chezka Cenon (@styleche)