El Nido - Island Hopping | Palawan Bound

"See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me...". My favorite part of our Palawan trip is finally here on the blog! Being one with the ocean always feels like it's my true calling in life. If you've been here a while, you'd know that most of my travel vlogs/blog posts are mostly at the beach. I've already swam at beaches in Boracay and Thailand, but none of them were as blue and clear as El Nido's. If ever you go to El Nido, you'd see that there are 4 different Island Hopping tours to choose from. We took 'Tour A' which was mostly made up of lagoons. Keep scrolling to see more of what we did and which islands/lagoons we ended up going to! Also, show some love on my vlog! 

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In total, Tour A was consisted of 5 places. 3 lagoons and 2 beaches:

1. Big Lagoon
2. Secret Lagoon
3. Shimizu Island
4. Small Lagoon
5. Commando Beach (Papaya Beach)

We didn't get to leave our boat on the Big Lagoon because apparently there were lots of protected sea life beneath us. According to our guide, there were even black and white tipped sharks. Not to worry though, they're herbivores! The Secret Lagoon was probably the most interesting one. We had no idea what was so secret about it aside from the entrance being a tiny whole. I won't tell you though, what the secret within it is. I guess you might just have to see it for yourself. Haha! On the 3rd island, Shimizu Island, we were allowed to swim around the shore. The water was crystal clear and there were so much coral reefs on the farther distance.

We had our lunch by the beach, took pictures on rocks, and basically just chilled. It was so relaxing even if there were quite a lot of people. The Small Lagoon was probably my favorite out of all! It was so breathtaking and just aesthetically pleasing. Me and my 2 younger sisters rented a larger kayak, fit for 3 people, and I let them do all the paddling (since I already got to try kayaking before). Unfortunately, one of them was lazy and the other had no sense of direction so you could imagine how much we bumped into rocks, other kayaks, and bigger boats. Oh well, at least we survived! Lastly, we went to Papaya Beach where the sand was so fine and soft. We ended our island hopping tour by snorkeling above large coral reefs and chasing schools of fishes.

El Nido has left it's mark on my heart. It was beautiful. It was magical. I definitely recommend you to try any Island Hopping tour when you travel to El Nido. Just remember to bring (or rent) water shoes since most beaches are rocky and filled with corals. 

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Date: December 26 - 28, 2017
Venue: Palawan, Philippines