My Inspirations

I have so much more I want to add on my list but you'll be scrolling down for hours!!!! Just a few of my favorite fellow Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers. They're the reason why I got motivated to start my own blog and know what to actually write in it. Please follow these inspirational women!


I am obsessed with Instagram and the people in it! Here are some of my fave insta-feeds. Ranging from fashion, foodies, travel, and everything else lifestyle. My own ain't as great compared to them but they are who I'm looking up to everytime I upload a photo! Check them out and don't forget to follow!

Wanting to be a YouTuber myself, I can watch these people non-stop for days! Their content is so inspiring and most of the time relatable which I really love and want other people to feel about my blog and vlogs too. Trust me, these YouTube Channels are binge-watch worthy.