The Orange Beanie

Streetstyle grunge, anyone? As shown in all my previous blog posts and videos, I am obviously into the whole retro, 80's-90's look. I've always admired old-timey fashion and last year I went for a bit more early 2000's. Around the time of scene + hiphop + emo + Avril Lavigne. Yeah, that era. Again, this look is one of the unpublished looks I had from 2017 and I thought of just posting them because it's better late than never, am I right? This photoshoot in particular is actually one of those shoots that I really liked. I felt edgy and cool, rockin' my bright tangerine beanie along with a shiny grey suede shirt. Even added a bit more attitude with my fish nets since they were a big trend last year. The high cut camel-colored Vans I'm wearing in the photos is actually one of my really old pairs of kicks. I haven't worn it in so long and I thought it really matched the look I was going for here. Are you currently loving old-school fashion as well?

I remembered it being so windy, especially that we were on the roof of a 23 floored apartment building. Although, I really loved how the wind effects made my photos looks so realistic. And if you know me, you know that I love being realistic with the stuff I do because again, nothing is 100% perfect. Since these photos were edited last year, the color and tones seems a bit off from my current presets. I'm currently working on making all my photos on the blog look alike. But as for this, let's just appreciate my old way of editing and see it as a stepping stone. 

Welp that's it for me today! March is ending and busy April is on the way. Not sure whether to feel psyched or bummed, either way, we should all just keep looking forward! See yah next time, love yah!

x Beanie & Denim Shorts: H&M // Top: Bershka // Kicks: Vans // Jacket: Pull & Bear // Fish Net Stockings: Thrifted x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)


  1. Love love love the photos, bb! Sobrang pak din nung orange beanie! :)

    xo, Wandering Ella