One Of The Cool Kids

Bringing it back to old school days (or to last year when these photos were taken, haha!). If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@kateeotd) or even in YouTube (Katee Of The Day), then you might already have an idea on how crazy I am these past few weeks for anything, LITERALLY ANYTHING, retro and old school. Since these photos were taken a year ago, I guess it suggests that I’ve really been into that style for quite a while. I remembered that what inspired this look to come to life was actually my new pair of mustard yellow socks. Kinda weird, but if you open your mind enough, anything can be an inspiration (you’re welcome in advance).

I think I also just got my converse around the same time we took these photos. I feel so uncool for owning my first pair of simple black chucks by the age of 23 when they were obviously everyone’s go-to kicks back at 2004. Or was it 2005? 2006? You get my point. Are you one of those people who are always so late on trends? Haha! I definitely am! Not only with black chucks but even with skinny jeans and caps. I swear, I feel like such a loser for things like that.

Moving past me—being a total loser, can you believe March is already coming to an end?! I feel like New Years just happened a week ago. Don’t get me wrong, I like it when things happen fast: like ending a boring 9hrs shift in the office fast, anticipating travels in 5 months that only feels like you’ve waited for 2, and of course receiving my salary every end of the month, hahahah! But it’s not always good either! I often wish I had a pause button in life when things are just going by sooooo freaaaakiiiin faaaaaast. Sorta like the remote in Click; although, I don’t wanna be visited by the angel of death. What I’m trying to say is atleast cherish every single moment that passes by, every person in your life, and every experience you attain. Because one day, you’ll say to yourself “Damn! That already happened a year ago?”. Believe me, I’m in that state right now.

x Jeans & Bag: H&M // Top: Asos // Cap: Sup3rfruit Merch // Jean Jacket: Pull & Bear // Shoes: Converse // Socks: Thrifted x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)


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