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Boho is my jam. The weekends just went extra magical after receiving this package filled with love from Bohome Macau. I, personally, am a super big fan of bohemian things, from trinkets to dream catchers, tapestries with floral and pastel mandala prints, fairy lights and ornaments; basically anything the screams "boho"! Yes, I know, I'm kinda mainstream. But I don't mind it. I truly believe that deep down in me there's just a nymph that comes out every now and then (along with my inner mermaid, haha!). Keep scrolling to see more of what's inside the gift package and to learn more about Bohome Macau! 

Okay, 1st things 1st. What did I get in my package? A lot of pretty new things, that's what I got. But to specify more, I originally ordered 2 tapestries (because I couldn't possibly choose between two gorgeous prints), and a new line of fairy lights. But since they are amazing human beings, they've included another line of fairy lights (a shorter one), and a black and pink dream catcher which I am truly obsessed with! Can't wait to go ham and decorate my room with all their items.

**I took more pictures showing the tapestries and the fairy lights here: Spring Fairy x Bohome Macau**

**Also, their packaging is just amazing! It's so simple yet so..... pretty? I'm lost for words because I'm a sucker for gift wrapping! See their gift wrapping ideas here: GIFT IDEAS 2018 | Practical + Home Decor by Joanna Walker**

Why do I choose Bohome Macau? Well, it's pretty simple. Not only are their products unique, they are also super affordable! Each item has good quality, and they have so much styles and designs to choose from! I already have 2 beach towels from them (not photographed) prior to the above items. 

I'm a sucker for decorating and I consider myself to be artistic at times; Bohome Macau helps me achieve the "room goals" I've always wanted to have! Go check them out now!

- Shop their products here: Bohome Macau Shop
- Facebook Page: Bohome Macau
- Instagram: @bohome.macau
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Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)