Spakles Everywhere | Happy Chinese New Year! (2018)

Okay, so I got a bit off schedule and ended up postings this more than three weeks later but.... Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Year of the dog! Wishing you a prosperous year ahead! *Whew* There. I said it. A lot of new things just came up especially for the vlogs so I totally forgot that I had these photos. No joke. At least I still posted it though, better late than never! Going back to CNY 2018, this year I had a long-weekend (4 day) holiday from work and decided to vlog everything I did during those days (keep scrolling to watch CNY RECAP vlog!). On one of those days, Adrian and I brought my younger sisters and his cousin to the fireworks area since none of them has ever tried it before. We went quite a few times in the past few years so we kinda knew how it works. You know, buy your selected firecrackers from the row of vendor stalls, get our own fire sticks (to light up our firecrackers), and basically just have fun! Thankfully enough no one got blown up and I'm glad that a lot of the pictures came out pretty despite night photography. 

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It's scary when there's so much fireworks popping just a few steps away. Everywhere I faced, there was probably someone playing with fireworks so it made it quite difficult to avoid getting burnt. We had so much fun though! Did you know that the Chinese lights up fireworks to scare away evil spirits? Kinda weird but I love the idea of it and how it turned to be a fun family thing. Well, I'm sorry love but I gotta end it right here because I am super sleepy right now. It's like 4:30 in the morning and I just wanna sleeeeeeep. Till next time <3

Date: February 17, 2018
Venue: Fireworks Area near Macau Tower
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)


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  2. Unfortunately, during these tough times, Chinese New Year was really not successful. Hopefully, this won't happen again next time. Will be praying for the better!