Livin in Retro - Lookbook

First thing’s first, OMG! I cannot express how freaking excited I am to finally share this wonderful collaboration shoot I’ve had with these gorgeous ladies! Me and Charmaine (@alacharms) have been friends for two years, ever since I started blogging. But DAAAAAMMMMNNN, this was the 1st time we actually met. It was my 1st time meeting her bestfriend Gershwin (@justgershwin) too! They are literally the sweetest and nicest ladies I have ever met! My sister (@styleche) is just meh! Hahahahhahaha kiddin!

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We finally decided to meet up and thought of doing a rad photoshoot because, well, we are all bloggers. It kinda comes hand-in-hand especially when you’ve got a blogger meet-up! Which brings me to the second thing I wanted to talk about: I am seriously loving the blogger life! 

I love expressing myself through pictures, videos, and writings (like this). I also love seeing and getting inspired by other blogger’s contents and in special cases, meeting them personally. It has totally opened a new world for me. It’s constantly a growing thing, and in places like Macau, it needs a bit more development. Hopefully one day there’ll be more and more Macau fashion and lifestyle bloggers like me and my sister. 

Going back to the shoot. If you haven’t already guessed, the theme was retro (duh!) and to make it even more vibey, they booked an awesome table at the Diner, Central, Hong Kong. You should’ve seen how we pushed aside tables and cleared our space just to get cool shots; yes, there were actually quite a few people eating at the time, haha! We knew it wouldn’t be enough so we continued our little photoshoot session in the snooker room of one of their apartments. I was so amazed by their efforts and thankful that I got to finally meet them! Also shoutout to our awesome photographer Russell and my babe Adrian for helping me vlog. It all turned out so great! Edited a short BTS/LookBook for our Livin in Retro shoot. Go check it out >> Livin in Retro - Lookbook/BTS

Date: March 17, 2018
Venue: Hong Kong
Photo Credits to: Russell Gaspasin (@russelltheflexer)
Video Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)
Photos and Video edited by Yours Truly


  1. You and your friends are absolutely stepping it up!

  2. Squad Goals! I love all your outfits, it giving the 90's back ha. Haha. I am excited tuloy to meet you na din :)

    Sushmita |