Nothing Extra with Barbie

Yeah you heard me! There is no such thing as being extra when you're Barbie. Happy National Barbie Day! I like how the International Women's Day (March 8) and Barbie Day (March 9) is just next to each other. Because to me, Barbie is a symbol of women, is she not? Have you ever had a phase when you were just so into playing barbie dolls? I had! In fact, I had a blonde, blue-eyed Barbie for three years named 'Cream' when I was around 8 years old. She had a house, loads of clothes and shoes, and a camera. Yes. A camera, barbie size! It's kind of how I see myself these past few years, so I guess, Cream was how I wanted to see myself in the future (the near future in this case). We were so alike that one of Cream's favorite thing to do was swimming.... and that was how I lost her.

We were having barbecue by the beach one summer day in Hac Sa, Coloane. I told you I had an inner mermaid in me, so even at that young age, dipping in the ocean made me so happy. I brought Cream with me (I bring her everywhere) and we swam together. It was going fine until she slipped out of my fingers and got drifted away in the ocean. Not gonna lie, I cried for a few weeks. It was like I lost my very best friend. Haha! Well that was a little story-telling for you about a Barbie.

Anyway, back to things that matter, Happy International Women's Day. As I grow, I keep getting inspired by women who does things their way. I've always looked up to other females, wondering how do they have their life together. Sometimes, we may complain for being girls, we're human. But I could definitely say that I'm proud to be a woman. I'm proud of the things we get to conquer and deserve. I'm also very lucky to reach this point in life where women are respected equally and given more value. I'm not a "full-on" feminist, I'm just celebrating being woman. 

That's it for me guys! Hope you love this look coz it's definitely one of my personal faves! See yah next time! *muah*

x Cap & Bag: H&M // Barbie Bodysuit: Missguided // Shoes: Adidas // Pants: Pull & Bear // Fur: Thrifted x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)