Sweet Dreams | Foodie Review

I am a sucker for adorable cafes, especially when their interiors are so vibrant and unique. Today's cute little cafe spot is located along Almeida Costa Cabral, between apartment buildings and other local shops. Sweet Dreams Cafe is an eye-catcher from the outside, and the food they serve is just as promising as they seem. I've been to a lot of cafes and I've already tried lots of tea time experiences that I became quite familiar with what I actually look for in a tea set. I guess I should just label myself a tea time connoisseur! 

There has to be that balance of savory and sweet items, nothing too overpowering or rich because I don't like to feel bloated after only a few bites. The food items in the tea-set should always... and I put emphasis on "always"... match my choice of coffee. Believe me, there were times when this very preference led to disappointments. And lastly, it has to look pleasing. This may seem petty but think about it, at least 80% of why tea times are even relevant is because of how pretty and different they're presented. Talk about serious Instagram game. 

Today I'm going to share with you my personal experience with Sweet Dreams, and why I think it is a MUST for you to try for yourselves. Keep scrolling for full review! 

After  scrolling through all those photos, I don't think I even have to explain why I am such in awe the moment I entered this dainty little cafe. Everything speaks to my younger self: the array of colorful balloons on the ceiling, the fruit shaped cushions placed on their seats, their fun-colored glass furniture, and of course, their sets of aesthetically pleasing tableware. Their cakes and desserts are also presented in fun ways, more than you can imagine! We went on to try their 'Afternoon Tea' set that cost only MOP $138 and probably serves 2 to 3 people. From the menu, you could choose 4 sweet items paired with 3 savory items.  It also comes with a complimentary pot of floral or whittard tea.

Our order:
- Sweet choices: Purple Yam Cheesecake, Mango Fruit Tart, Cheese Tart, and Crème Brûlée
- Savory choices: Grilled Cheese Prawn Ball, Ham and Cheese Sandwich, and Smoked Salmon Salad
- Drinks: Floral Tea Pot (complimentary) and Cappuccino 

My favorite has got to be the cheesecake. It's so sweet and lightly salty which I enjoyed a little bit too much! The purple yam actually gave it quite a unique taste from other cheesecakes I've tasted. Another one I really liked is the crème brûlée because this was the only time I actually had it included in a tea set. It's so smooth and the burnt sugar on top was perfect, highly recommended in my opinion. Their cappuccino tasted great too! As a coffee enthusiast myself, I can guarantee you good coffee spots and Sweet Dreams is one of them. Their other cakes and dessert items are super adorable. Heck, I'd even try the durian designed durian cake the next time I visit! (P.S. I don't eat durian so that says a lot!). 

To conclude, Sweet Dreams is a perfect spot for family meals, hang outs with friends, taking pictures, and enjoying sweet delights. Additional brownie points for not charging 10% service charge, unlike other cafes nowadays. They even have a few promotions and discounts as of the moment including 'student discounts'. Go check them out now! You'll leave with nothing but happy moments... and a happy tummy!

Venue: Sweet Dreams Macau
Address: Edificio Favoravel, 40-42 R. do Alm. Costa Cabral, Macau
Facebook: Sweet Dreams
Telephone #: (+853) 2852 9491

Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)


  1. What a cute and gorgeous interior, I am sure that this place will be perfect to spend time in with your friends or loved one.