Spring Fairy x Bohome Macau

"Leave a little sparkle wherever you go". The season is once again shifting. Cool winter breeze is finally toning down and making way for warmer days. In Macau's case, it gets more humid too. And that's the sign that SPRING IS HERE! I'm gonna be honest with you.... I hate spring season. In fact, it's my least fave compared to all 4 seasons. As mentioned, it gets really humid here leaving bodies to get sticky and oily which is really gross! It's also most likely to keep on raining, and knowing Macau's weather well enough, it will surely be unpredictable. Well that's enough about spring time, today I wanna talk about these lovely items I used for my spring fairy photoshoot! All from Bohome Macau. Keep scrolling! 

I'm like a child. I often want to be princess, when I swim I want to be a mermaid, and when I feel magical I'd like to think that I'm a fairy. I know, I have quite a lot of aspirations. Although, keep in mind that there's nothing wrong with dreaming! A few weeks ago I received my lovely gift package from Bohome Macau filled with beautiful and magical things (see more of what I got here: BOHOME MACAU | #BOHOISMYJAM).

As mentioned in that post, I love anything bohemian themed. My favorite has got to be the elephant mandala tapestry which is now hanging on my wall. My other tapestry has pastel cacti all over it. For some reason they just make me feel so carefree. To go full-on fairy mode, I thought of wearing a long rose colored tulle skirt, matched with a flower crown, and added more golden details with my rings and specs. What do you think of my look?

This is also my 2nd time to work with fairy lights, Brandon Woelfel style. To me, pixie lights is probably the most magical of them all. Currently I have 4 sets or fairy lights, 1 set of orb lights, and a long line of Christmas lights. Yah, I'm pretty cray with the whole lights situation. If you want your set of lovely boho items, you can shop at Bohome Macau (refer to link below).

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- Instagram: @bohome.macau

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x Sweater & Flower Crown: Forever21 // Skirt: Pull & Bear // Shoes: Adidas // Sunnies: ALDO x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)


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  2. I really loved seeing your Instagram posts about these photos! It's so pretty.

  3. I love everything here! From your skirt to your rings omg! Love all your photos love. :)

    Sushmita | https://wandersushi.blogspot.com

  4. This shoot look so magical! I love the shots, BTW. Im curious what camera do you use? Your photos have really nice quality.

    With Love, Mary | itsjoycesalvador.blogspot.com