Pastel Kicks - Adidas NMD

Woah! Feels like it's been years since I've last done an outfit post. Was fully packed with the whole Thailand trip and Halloween, but anyways, here I am now with another look! This was actually taken quite a long time ago. If you follow me on Instagram (@kateeotd) then you've probably seen this look twice or thrice already. It's just a simple Sunday outfit I put together while rushing and it turned out picture-worthy. Back then my pink and white Adidas NMD's were new so they were the only thing I ever wore for weeks!

This was actually the same day as when I took the pictures for one of my talks of the day: LAST QUARTER OF 2017 - ADULTING 101 (#TOTD); but taken in different places. This was taken in one of my fave blog-places: The Rialto Bridge connecting Venetian to Four Seasons and Sands Cotai Central. Luckily that day, not much people were passing by that day so we got to take some pretty nice pictures.

Also, this was before I started wearing lots of vibrant colors. This was during the time when all I wore was pastels and pinks so it's not quite what I'd wear this fall season. Speaking of vibrant colors, get ready for my upcoming hoard of colorful fall outfits soon to come! I'll see you then! 

x Top: Zara // Dress: Pull and Bear // Cap: H&M // Kicks: Adidas x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)