Last Quarter of 2017 - Adulting 101 (#TOTD)

Is it just me or is 2017 going by so fast compared to other years? I feel like I haven't done anything yet this year, but in the same time, I DID do a lot! We'll get into what those are in a bit. This 2017 I traveled even more than I used to, I experienced earning more of my own money and saving it for future plans, and I even went through days of being bankrupt every once in a while. I worked in operations, now currently working in administrative. I quitted one marketing job and joined another. Basically, 2017 was the pinnacle of me starting off as an actual adult. Am I ready for this? Do I even wanna be in this stage of life? This #TOTD was mainly inspired by one incident that happened to me just a few nights ago. After caching up, laughing, and eating too much Koren food one night with my boyfriend, my best friend, and his girlfriend (who also happens to be one of my closest friends ever), we decided to not call it a day just yet. Not seeing each other for so long, we wanted to extend our meet-up with a few beers at the beach. It was late at night but my best friend had a car anyways, so it was kind of an easy commute. Everything was going fine until.....

We found out that the car wasn't working. Or was having some sort of malfunction for all I know. Our first verdict was that the car couldn't sense the key because it was out of battery (according to Google), so we, the girls, went to find the right coin button battery for it. Keep in mind that it was already midnight and there were just a few shops open. We walked quite far until we reached the 24 hour supermarket. They guys were left with the car, trying to find out what else they could do. We got back with 6 batteries (just to be sure) and were wishing really hard for the car to work. It didn't. Then finally we figured that the car's security system was activated and blah blah... I don't really understand, but hey, we finally got out of that car park after an hour!

Being all tired and sweaty we finally decided to just call it a night after all. Am I bummed that we didn't get to drink by the beach? Not really since that experience was irreplaceable! None of us would ever forget how much we went through adulting in an hour, it was a close call to reading "Adulting 101 for Dummies"! We all went to the same highschool together but not once ever had to think about car problems nor work problems, that night was a real eye-opener!

Which brings us back to my question: Am I ready for this? To be honest... I'm not 100% ready. I mean who is? But... am I loving it? I would definitely say that I am. Life may be harder, especially when you have to go through new situations by yourself without really knowing how to; but in the same time, you also feel more in control. You decide what's best for you. You decide how to keep going and striving. You just get to be the actual "you". Now I'm starting to do something I've been dying to do for years: being a YouTuber. I know, might sound lame, though I really enjoy it. I just begun with a few travel vlogs, daily vlogs, and now I'm even posting new beauty vlogs! Does it make me a full-on adult? Not really, but it's getting there :)

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Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)