Colorful Sweaters x StyleChe

It's that time of the year when colorful sweaters come to play! As I've been mentioning quite a lot here in #KateeOTD, Macau weather is very unstable. Lately it's been hot, cold, rainy, and sunny. I tend to just bring a scarf or a jacket every time I go out because you can never be too sure. Although, since it's already the end of November, I guess it just makes sense to start wearing sweaters again! This time I played dress-up with my sister, looking bright and vibrant in our pink and orange sweaters. 

We paired our tops with leather skirts and boots, just to look a little bit more in the season! Actually this whole collab was supposed to be for Halloween. We were kinda representing pumpkins and candies for trick or treat, but I didn't have time to upload this on time. Oh well... at least we still look great! I mean, both our sweaters are from H&M, and we love how eye-catching their colors are! To be honest, I'm really into striking orange and yellow shades these season, and I just felt like buying this big tangerine sweater was the right thing to do.
Right now it's around 16 degrees celcius (pretty cold), but the day we took these photos was still kinda hot so people were wondering why we were already in our fall/winter attires. On a different note, do you think my sister looks fab here? I did her makeup this day; I really tried to make her look candy-inspired with her big ass sweater. I also did my makeup, as usual (duh!), I remember that I was practicing on applying fake eyelash and doing some rad tricks here and there. I swear, as a beauty blogger/vlogger, I'm really having a hard time applying falsies.

Brrrrr...... I'm seriously shivering right now because of the cold. I'm so happy how Macau's cold seasons started freaking early this year. Although, all my winter clothes are mostly still kept so I have to find my coats, jackets, and sweaters from a big pile of winter clothes. I wish that the cold stays until next year! Well that's about it for me today. The next few days are gonna be tough since I would be working a lot. So keep cozy peeps!

Follow my sister in Instagram (if you haven't already): @styleche; and read her blogpost here: Barbie Girl Sweater 

x Sweater & Boots: H&M // Bag: Stradivarius // Hat: Pull and Bear // Sunnies: Forever 21 x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)