I'm My Own Superhero

Who's excited for Justice League?! For sure I am! Yes, I know it's DC, but since I don't own any DC shirt Ima just flaunt my fave MARVEL shirt (out of three!). Anyway, since this post would be a little bit--or maybe a lot more comic book/superhero related, then you're free to click away if you're just not interested. I'm warning you! I'm not a certified nerd but I can get that side of me pumped up at times like these. But if you're into the whole DC/MARVEL craze, then you're more than welcome to stay and read! 

First off, I'm not a very good movie critic. I'm a simple girl. If a movie satisfies my expectations then I, no doubt, will love it. As for the past few months I really loved 'Wonder Woman' to support team DC. Before that, I really enjoyed my bitch Harley Q. at 'Suicide Squad'. Those two are my fave DC movies for the time being. However, I can admittedly say that I'm more of a MARVEL girl, hence my outfit......

Hear me out: My all-time fave superhero will always be Spiderman (on a side note: my fave Spiderman is Andrew Garfield). Ever since I was a kid, he has always been my idol. I love both MARVEL and DC, yet I see them differently. Legit, overpowered superheroes will always be the god-like characters in DC such as Superman and Batman. MARVEL characters are usually relatable. With their somewhat normal lives, powers that I feel are possible to get, and the way they talk and act to people around them. I don't know, I might just be blabbing random things, but that is how I feel about those two universes.

Moving on, have you guys seen 'Thor 3: Ragnarok' already? It's my fave Thor movie so far! Don't worry, #Katee Of The Day doesn't support spoilers. Hmmmm.... what else? Oh right! If ever you did have a chance to obtain superpowers or a set of skills, which one would you choose? And will you be a hero or a villain? Personally, I think I'm more of a sidekick than a main character. If I were to have a superpower, I'd always choose to have the ability to fly. I know, it's common, but a girl can dream. And if we're talking about skills, I wanna be able to do some bad ass ninja fighting skills (that's what happens when you binge-watch on Naruto Shippuden).

I wanna know what's your so let me know! Well that's it for me guys! Currently, I'm in China so we can't watch Justice League on the 1st day. However, we'll try watching it ASAP from when we get back to Macau. Ayt, enough of my somewhat nerdy talk. See you <3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

x Top: Uniqlo // Bag: Stradivarius x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)