Living in the 60's

'Make love not war'. I've always wanted to experience what it's like to be living in the sixties! Okay, maybe not as much, but I really do fancy their fashion statement for as long as I could remember! I do know that there is more to the hippie-era than just rainbows, raybans, sandals, and peace logos. But still, the whole flower-power street style will always be an inspiration in my whole fashion involved world. As you may have already guessed it, this look was somewhat hippie-inspired. Not entirely but I tried to put much effort into picking the pieces closely to how I visualized it! The main piece though would probably my new sun yellow aviators I got from Bershka.

Apart from hippie-style, I love myself some boheme style as well! In case you're wondering, no, they are not the same. Although, to me they are very much alike! In conclusion I just love fringe, lace, psychedelic colors, feathers, and trinkets a lot! In the summer you'll usually find me wearing crochet and floral prints. I've just always felt like the hippie-boho trend is my number 1 style go-to.

Okay, enough about the sixties and fashion talk. I wanna know how is your week going so far? Can you believe that it's already mid-November? Because I can't! I would say that November has been and will be one of my most busiest months this 2017, yet I feel on top of it. I feel like I'm handling my workload and stress way better than how I normally would. When I mentioned that it's busy, it's mainly because of my day job. I wanna spare you the details and just say that most of it are late-nights and hardcore accounting. I'm not regretting though, I'm currently still learning (even if I'm 5 months in) and I think that I'm doing a good job! I'm just happy that it's nearly December, and finally Christmas is coming!

Well I guess that's it for me today guys! Also, show some love on my new YouTube video! I did a swatch on KKW and some Fenty Beauty products... and as I've titled the video... I showed my nudes! Haha! Show some love guys and I'll see ya next time! *muah!*

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x Top: Pull and Bear // Kimono: Zalora HK // Pants & Necklace: Stradivarius // Kicks: Adidas // Sunnies: Bershka // Bag & Hoops: H&M x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)