Tako Bubble Pore Pack - Review

Masking the bs away. Haha! Today I take on a different type of face mask, something I've never used before. I was passing by Tony Moly the other day and saw this cute little octopus emoji-looking product and out of curiosity I just had to buy it! I decided to vlog my 1st experience: you can watch it on my YouTube Channel "Tako Bubble Pore Pack - Beauty Review / #KateeOTDBeauty" or keep scrolling down below!

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I included all the steps on my vlog, but really, they're the simplest instructions ever! Make sure your face is cleaned to the pores, avoid the eyes and mouth area, wait 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse it off! I would say that it wasn't really matched up with the level of cleanliness I need on my face. I wear loads of makeup every single day and I usually require deep cleansing. However, I think it is a good alternative for those days when I just want a quick face cleanse. 

For some who loves masking a lot, I rated this a 7 out of 10 which is still pretty good IMO. Welp, that's it! Hope you like this short review and the vlog I made! I guess I'll see you next time loves!

Photo Credits to: Yours truly