Meet My Carmile

Guys!!!! Meet Carmile! My new favorite toy! You know how I love custom made items, but they're usually pricier than normal things. I did go beyond my wallet's limit this time because I knew I just had to get one for myself. In case you're wondering, this is a D.I.Y Digital Lomo Camera. So far, it's the most hipster thing I've ever owned..haha! I love taking pictures and editing (duh!) so this for me was like whispering to my artistic side. I have to admit though, it's quite fragile and I am terrified to bring it every time I want to. Read more to find out the basic info and some personal views about Carmile.

What's in it?
- Camera board
- Brass frame
- 3 cases: 1 clear case, 1 wooden case with name engraved, & 1 free wooden case (no engraving)
- 8 GB memory card
- 2 lenses: 1 fish eye & 1 macro
- 4 gold plated screw-in fasteners 
- USB cable
- Camera strap

** To operate, you'll need 2 AA batteries. Not included in the set **

Where to buy and how much is for this set?
- I got the Premium Set; the whole set cost MOP1,680 and gave a 50% deposit a few days before I got the camera. I saw a similar project in New Yaohan but I got this one from Quarter Square Macau (@quartersquare). The camera was a collaboration artwork by Paper Shoot Taiwan (@papershoot_tw) x Hyle Design Macau (@hyledesignmacau).

Fave thing(s) about Carmile:
- I like the D.I.Y-ness of the camera. The whole process of building it, from reading the manual up to fail-testing the camera is what makes it more interesting. Quite challenging at first but really rewarding once you've built the finished-product. It's also very hipster, especially with the wooden cases. 

Least fave thing(s) about Carmile:
- There's not much I don't like about Carmile. The only thing is that I probably prefer the lenses to be screwed-in rather than magnetized. Yup...that's pretty much it!

What do the pictures look like?
- As I've mentioned, the set comes with a fish-eye lens and a macro lens so it gives a variety of picture styles. The camera also has an effects switch where you can choose from Normal, Warm, Cool, and B&W. My go-to settings is usually the fish-eye lens with the Cool tone effects. Below is a few examples of how the pictures would look:
Carmile triggers my artistic side way stronger than anything else. I love that it's customized just for you if you ask for your name engraved. I love the lomo-finish pictures it takes and the effects it has. It is definitely one of my best purchases and I can't wait to take even more awesome pictures with it!

Photo Credits to: Yours truly