Shek O - La La

I've had three different tan lines only in August alone.... I love it! One of those tan lines was marked down by Shek O, Hong Kong as it pinned my heart down like a cupid's bow. I'm a simple girl, I love beaches that are clean and deep. Macau doesn't have that so I always long for a good beach day. Lucky enough we are just beside Hong Kong, filled with really nice beaches, so it satisfied the cravings a bit. To be honest, I've never actually been to Hong Kong's beaches, not really sure why. So glad to try Shek O as my first beach bum experience in HK. Made a vlog out of it too so make sure to watch and I hope you enjoy! 

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Originally, me and my sisters planned to go swimming in Macau's Cheoc Van pool. But my sister bailed and I really wanted to go swimming so I thought, why not try going HK for a day. I usually do that with Adrian (my boyfriend), unfortunately he was away as well. I, therefore, dragged my youngest sissy to come with me and I could see that she enjoyed it as well.

We arrived Hong Kong sometime before 12 at noon so we were pretty hungry. Roaming around Central we finally got to Grassroots Pantry and thank God they weren't fully booked like last time. I'll be having a foodie review about the place soon so stay tuned! After brunch, we headed to Shau Kei Wan, taking the Island Line. We then rode a 20-30 min number 9 bus ride up and down a mountain, within steep and narrow roads until we finally got to Shek O beach. I was inlove the moment I saw the blue green waters.

What I loved about Shek O beach:
- The deep part of the water was not far from the shore.
- You'd think it's crowded with the overwhelming number of people, yet it still felt like you had all the space in the world.
- There was a diving area further in the ocean which I regret not going to.
- The mountains nearby were perfect picture spots.
- Almost everyone had huge floaties that I really considered getting one for myself. Why didn't I? Well I didn't want to be bringing anything back to Macau, that's why!

It was a very hot day so getting tanned, especially for me, was a piece of cake! We brought beach towels (well, sorta) and lounged around the clean sand. After a while, we decided to take a dip and boy oh boy, the water was icy cold. It kinda felt good since it was burning hot outside the waters. We stayed until 5:00 pm and finished the day off by getting mouth watering ice cream from Emack and Bolios. It was a pretty chill day and I hope that I could do it all over again....

x Date: August 12, 2017 x
x Venue: Grassroots Pantry, Shek O Beach, Emack and Bolios Ice Cream Parlor x
Photo Credits to: Yours truly & my sister