Contour With Me - Review

Because who doesn't like contouring nowadays? As much as some of us may hate to admit, we wanna try some awesome contouring even once in a while. As for me, my contouring is quite simple. Yes, I use bronzers, blushes, and I especially love highlighters! But I don't really do those Kim Kardashian / Kylie Jenner looking contour. At times I do, when there are events or certain blog looks that need it. Today I share my very own contouring tools! I'll be giving advices and tips along the way so make sure to read!

1st thing I wanna say is that I can do this better than the pictures. We took these quite late at night and we couldn't control the flash properly. It took quite some time that everything just dried on my face! That's exactly why I don't have any finished pics...oh well! Moving on!

What are these products?

1. TONY MOLY Go Cover 2 in 1 concealer (in 03):
- It has a liquid end which are great for more coverage and a stick on the other end for sharper corners and edges. I usually get my concealers 1 to 2 shades lighter than my skin so this tone was just right. I also love how light it is on the face. In terms of coverage, it doesn't cover up as much. Recommend it for daily use!

2. TONY MOLY Spoiler Strobing Stick (in 02):
- I personally prefer pressed powder highlighters since they are more workable and blendable...BUT....I am in love with this highlighting stick! Just a small application goes a long way and it stays for a very long time. Even if I sweat, go swimming, or even workout, trust me. It's still there! One of my fave purchases from Tony Moly so far. Also, I really like champagne colored highlighters because of their subtle glow. 

3. COLOURPOP Sculpting Stix (in New Renaissance):
- You know how I love my Colourpop. The sculpting stix was definitely a must have! I had a hard time deciding on which colour I should get since they were kinda limited at the time. I then went for this dark chocolate brown tone which was a bit too dark for my type. I also think that the stick itself was too thin so it couldn't really do the jaw line. I now use it for my nose and for days when contouring isn't a must.

4. MAKE UP FOREVER Ultra HD Stick (in R530):
- Since my colourpop bronze stick was too thin, I had to get myself a larger, wider contour stick. I love Make Up Forever so I though maybe I'd give it a try. It was a little odd to start with but as you practice on how to use it, you won't believe how great it shows the contours of your face! I suggest applying it first on a pointed beauty blender than directly applying it on your face to avoid harsh amounts.

Favorite product?
Definitely the Tony Moly Strobing Stick because it's so portable, easy to apply, and has a beautiful perfect champagne tone. Just the way I like it. Another one of my highly recommended ones would be the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Contour Stick. If you're going for serious contouring like those seen in Instagram, then this could be your best contour buddy! 

Least favorite?
Hate to say it, but probably the Colourpop Sculpting Stix. Another thing I didn't like about it is how it smudges when I sweat! But since it's quite thin, it makes a perfect nose and chin contour, just not for the jaw line and forehead.

Additional Advice:
If you're a beginner, I suggest starting with pressed powder bronzer and highlighters 1st. Sort of like a practice step, trial and error. Sticks are usually harder to blend so make sure you've got lots of beauty blenders and makeup sponges in store. If you're like me who wants a more simple contour, I advice set your makeup with loose powder to give it a more natural look.

Well that's it for today lovelies! Hope my little product review gave you some ideas or helped you in some way. Till next time! Ciao!

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Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)