Prima Street Ballerina

Dancin' and prancing around the streets looking like an edgy ballerina in these creme pink silky tones. I had these ballerina flats with thick belt straps and buckle for a few months now, but haven't got a chance to blog it. I just couldn't come up with a great outfit for it until I finally bought these long pink culottes. To top it off, what better way than to just have a high bun to really go with the ballerina theme. If there is one thing though, I am a dancer at heart, but the only dance I don't really fancy or want to learn is ballet. Just a random fact about myself!

I was with my sisters that day because it was just after our usual Sunday mass. We were just walking around on a hunt for new sneakers and decided to take blog pics somewhere near Albergue 1601. It's one of Macau's art and cultural streets just before you get to Tap Seac. Filled with Portuguese style pavements and colorful buildings. I've always wanted to tr blogging but never did. And now I finally got to try! The pictures turned out pretty but my obvious hints of sweat isn't so flattering. As I remembered, it was around 31 degree Celsius and there were quite a lot of cars and people passing by. Quite stressful for taking good blog photos but it seems like we succeeded.

Well that's seriously all I have for today. I do have new vlogs on my YouTube Channel and I'd have quite a few interesting blogposts in the coming months so stay tuned! Ciao!

x Top: 6ixty 8ight + Bershka // Culottes: H&M // Flats: Pull & Bear // Necklace: Forever21 x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)