Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

Sup peeps? Went to HK again a few weeks back. There were lots of first times, fun times, and horrible times. Okay, maybe not much horrible times, but it wasn't as perfect of a trip as our previous ones. The title of this post is actually a really big hint. I'll get into details in a bit. For this weekend getaway, we actually stayed for 2 days, 2 nights. I just got off work on a Friday and headed over to the Taipa Ferry Terminal. We arrived in our hotel just some time before 8pm, rested a bit and went back out. We wanted to try Ichiramen in Causeway Bay but the line reached a whole block. Since we were already in Causeway Bay, we just walked around until we ended up in Outback Steakhouse. After a really good meal we went back to the hotel, watched La La Land with a bottle of rosé.

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The next day was hiking day so we woke up quite early and took the MTR all the way to "Tai Wo Hau" only to find that we were supposed to go to "Tai Wo" instead. I had no idea they were two different stops and at separate islands too. It took us an hour and a half just walking and riding MTRs. We finally reached Tai Wo Plaza and from there it was another 10-15min bus ride. It was the first time we rode a public bus in HK so we were unfamiliar with the stops. We hiked steep roads for about 20 mins from the bustop up to the temple. I thought we were already in the trail, turns out it only starts from the temple. You have to understand, it was the first time we hiked out of Macau and my gosh, the trail was so long and dangerous in my opinion.

Imagine a very narrow path where it was quick death call on your left. We went at a pretty bad time too. It was rain and shine every 5mins which made the slopes muddy and the rocks slippery. Unfortunately we couldn't go near the Bottom Falls once we reached it since everywhere was slippery rocks. Mud and sweat all over we headed back to Tai Wo Plaza to freshen up and find a place to eat. I finally got to try the McDonald's self order kiosk and the automatic hand cleaning machine. Our bodies were just dead tired that we got to sleep for hours before heading back out to meet my cousin for dinner.

Around 9pm, we walked all the way to SoHo to have all-day breakfast at The Flying Pan. Lan Kwai Fong was having a Beer and Music Fest as well so we thought of passing by. It was another movie marathon when we got back the hotel that we fell asleep at 6am and woke up at 12:45pm. It was so crazy coz I had to immediately call the reception to inform them that we were gonna check out late. Our original plan for the thrid day was to go Stanley Main Beach. The strong morning showers made it impossible so  we decided to just walk around Causeway Bay again. Nothing much happened, only that we finally got to visit IKEA. It was a pretty beat up weekend, but it surely was memorable.  

x Date: July 14-16,2017 x
x Venue: Sheung Wan, Central, Lan Kwai Fong, Causeway Bay, Ng Tung Chai x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)