Phils 2017 | Day 4&5 - Our Last Days

We were on the road again, a 4 to 5 hour drive from Olongapo back to Cavite. As expected, we were all having body aches all over; mine was mainly the arms and the back. Anyhow, it was our 2nd last day before heading back to Macau and by this time we were just glad that we got to do both Tagaytay and Inflatable Island. Brian was gonna come back with us so we spent our last evening with his friends, which are probably the coolest people I've ever met in Philippines ever.

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DAY 4 & 5:
The weather was a little bit hotter than the 1st days we were in Philippines, good thing the van was air conditioned. We stopped by a Mcdonalds on the way and let me tell you: I haven't had Mcdonalds in Philippines for about 8-10 years so that was really weird to me (sudden realization). We had another stopover a few hours later at a mall located near NLEX for a bathroom break and also to just stretch our legs for a while. Me and Adrian were just strolling around and found an Adidas shop nearby. I have no idea why but for some reason I just had to buy a shirt (soon to be on my blog too!).

Another bumpy hour in the van and we were finally back in Brian's place. We rested and showered for about an hour and a half then went out again to District Dasmarinas to get those legendary lemonades for the last time. It's so interesting how District (a local outdoor mall) had a Zumba class happening at the middle while were buying our lemonades. They were actually fun to watch! We got back home, was forced to eat tons of food for dinner, rested, and headed out again.

It's like we were always outside because there's just no time to waste. We met up again with Calvin and Bianca for the last time, had a quick bite at a dim sum place in  some gas station and said our goodbyes. I finally got to try Juan Top and I do admit that it is a great hangout spot. Although, since we were there on a Tuesday, there wasn't much people and they don't allow beerpong on weekdays (weird). After finishing 2 Red Horse beer towers, we went to another bar in Paranaque because they had beerpong and we had the place all to ourselves! After 3 games, I knew Adrian was already done. We got back home, said our goodbyes to Monty and Gosh, and let's just say I became a babysitter all night.

I won't mention what happens afterwards so let's just skip to the morning after. I cleaned the room we stayed in, made sure all our stuff was packed, and had breakfast before leaving. We got a Grab Car as our service to MOA (Mall Of Asia) where we met up again with Dane and did some last minute shopping. Around 5:15pm we hurried back to airport and finally checked-in. Before boarding, we 1st had quick meals around the airport and finally said goodbye to Dane as well. OMG! We were nearly left by the plane. Like they weren't even going to let us in anymore because we arrived 20mins late but luckily they did because we all had work 1st thing in the morning.

To sum up the whole trip, it was wonderful! Truly packed with new experiences, new people, and a lot of memories. I'd never forget this trip we had and I can't wait to go on our next one! Until then, bye!

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Date: May 30-31, 2017
Venue: Mainly around Cavite and Manila