Phils 2017 | Day 1 - Delayed and Cray

"It's more fun in the Philippines", I've never believed that statement until we've had our last 5-day trip at the end of May 2017. This trip has definitely been my next best trip to the Philippines (Boracay was still unbelievable though). There were so much "first times" and fun times, of course. The only regret I have is not taking bad ass photos because we were mostly out and about at night or in long car rides. So, without further ado, shall we dissect every thing we did by day? Some of the pictures were taken with my iPhone 6Plus only, so I apologize now for some shitty quality. I did, however, came up with a great vlog! Check it down below!!
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DAY 1:
We were supposed to have an early flight at 11:20 a.m., arrive Philippines around 1:20 p.m. and start getting crazy. Unfortunately, just like most plane rides to Phils, we were delayed for about 2 hours and something minutes. We ended up arriving Ninoy Aquino International Airport sometime around 4:30 p.m. (Lucky for us, time is a lot slower in Phils). Having to cancel some of our plans, we were picked up by Brian and Uncle Bob, met up with Nikkie and Dane, and had a quick dinner at Yellow Cab at District Imus. 

We settled down in Brian's place at Avida, Cavite and headed over outside once more. This was were things went crazy. The original plan was to get wild and obviously drunk at Juan Top, a rooftop bar located at some building in Molino, said to be their best hang out place for Brian and his friends. Even Adrian had his fair share of crazy experiences before. I've heard so much stories, too bad I couldn't have a crazy experience for myself because the place was rented out for a private event.

Leaving disappointed, we met up 1st with Brian's friends and had a long... slightly awkward car ride going to Vapor, a Shisha drinking area at Paranaque that was, apparently, sort of a high-end place already. The 1st hour was just getting to know Brian's friends. People who I just hear from their stories, I finally got to meet them personally. Here's the thing, I love meeting new people and I was so glad to have met them! We ordered 2 towers of speed, which they say was the strongest drink being served (it tasted like juice and was seriously not strong at all), and sang till our voices were gone. More singing in Brian's car on the way to another bar called Go, Go, Go. By this time we were already cray and yet we still had Red Horse.

We got home around 4:30 a.m. and I was done for. I wasn't puking, but I needed the bed so bad. Although, we kinda saw it coming that our 1st night would be wild af. It was one of the best nights ever!

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Date: May 27, 2017
Venue(s): NAIA, District Imus, Avida Dasmarinas Cavite, Juan Top, Vapor Hookah Lounge, Gogogo