Phils 2017 | Day 3 - Inflatable Island Subic

The most fun I've had in a long time. Inflatable Island was definitely the highlight of our whole 5-day trip to the Philippines, the "Biggest Water Inflatable Park in Asia". I remember seeing a video of it on Facebook when it was just about to open last April. I was like "we should go there", I told the boys since we were already planning to go Phils by then. Trust me, it leaves no regrets! Even if we all got scratches, flesh wounds, and muscle pain afterwards, it was still worth it! Oh, and it was suppose to be with a bunch of people but it ended up being a triple date with Brian, Dane, Calvin, and Bianca, which was actually still kinda fun and great if you ask me.

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DAY 3:
We woke up early (or should I say late?) the next morning, we rented a van and a driver, picked up Calvin and Bianca, and headed straight to Subic. Let's go Subic they say, it's only about 2 hours away they say... that's a big LIE! Even without the traffic, we would've probably reached there in 3 hours. We 1st had a quick bite at Jollibee (finally!) and rode a 4 to 5 hour-long car ride, passing places which I would say was already a provincial area. The roads we drove by were really pretty and away from all city life so it was kinda soothing. However, our butts were already hurting from the uncomfy seats and we were all too sleepy that we took turns napping.

Sometime around 3:30 p.m. we finally arrived Inflatable Island at Samba Resort. The place seemed a lot smaller as advertised but the floating playground was really huge. My 1st disappointment was that there were no Unicorn floaties like those I saw on Instagram. I was really looking forward to riding one, and imagine what I great picture I would've took on that. Another disappointment was the Bali inspired Lounge because it was too small for accommodating that much people on the beach. The spot we got was right at the entrance so it was risky to just leave our stuff (especially that we had the cameras, phones and wallets in our bags).

But don't get me wrong though, those were just the bad parts. Everything else was super fun and super slippery; I mean, what did I expect right? We are on a water playground! Falling doesn't hurt as much, it's just that the water was too salty that it stings when you accidentally inhale and drink some (it's inevitable). You'd really need to use your whole body for the obstacles and I was proud of myself for getting through a lot of them alone because Adrian was just leaving me behind all the time. Avoid falling though; it's sooooooo difficult to get back up, so I suggest trying not to fall as much ;)

We had a break in between two rounds, I didn't bring the sports cam on the 2nd round so all of our footage on the vlog was from the 1st. We drank milkshakes and ate nachos, rested for about 15mins then went back. I bought the unicorn drink floaty, it was the last one too! Yes, I was desperate. We got to do more obstacles by the 2nd round because we were already used to the slipperiness of the floaties and it was so satisfying when you think and talk about it afterwards. The playground closes at 6pm (the beach is until 10pm), so we got a shower and tried to find a hotel at Olongapo. Everything else that happened after that is not to be mentioned, just to be kept forever secret (sketchy? I know. Haha!).

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Date: May 29, 2017
Venue: Inflatable Island, Subic