Graduation Epiphany (#TOTD)

It's graduation season once more here in Macau and I wanna take this time to congratulate every single one of you graduates. Whether you're graduating from primary, high school, university, etc, as long as you're batch 2016-2017 I wish you all the best in life. There is that one constant question though.... what now? It may not affect everyone directly or at all, but I'm certain that at one point you may have asked yourself this. I graduated last October 2016, yet I still don't have a pretty clear idea of what I actually want to do. In my future, my career, my goals, you get the picture. I'm sharing this #TOTD because if you are one of those people who feels lost right after removing that mortarboard, just know that I share your self-doubts in life too.

Usually, the older you are, the more this thought-process affects you. I didn't really care much about what to do after graduating from grade 6 but our 2-month long vacay. As I reached senior high though, I started worrying about getting into a good enough university. I even forced myself into thinking I liked Hotel Management just so I can get into one of Macau's well-known schools. I remembered thinking to myself that if I was gonna stay here (in Macau), then the best choice would be studying hotel so that I could work directly after 4 years. Ughh... you think you know what you're doing... but trust me. You don't. Although, I'm not entirely regretting staying in my course, it's just that I wished I took more risks, challenged myself more, and studied something I really loved which was art and fashion. I was so close into considering moving to Hong Kong just to major in graphic design. But I guess what's done is done.

There are lucky ones out there, those who continued their education in other countries to follow what they really love, and those who realized what they wanted in life sooner or earlier. By my last year in university, I decided that I wanted to do journalism or marketing. My blog helped me realize what I was actually good at and what I wanted to improve; unfortunately, it was too late. Not to worry though! I am still planning to take masters or further education maybe in the next few years... and this time I'll do it right. As for those who want to work right away, I suggest you to take even just a month break before grinding your gears again. Work and school is often compared with each other, I know, I've been there. Anyone "fresh" thinks that working is better because of the money you earn and how you don't have to do reports and homeworks. But let me tell you this: school has set milestones, and more opportunities to explore yourself. Once you start working, it's difficult to get anywhere like a new job or even a promotion.

I only rested for 2 weeks after university and I really wished I took a longer break. I was just too paranoid into thinking that I might not get a job so I panicked and applied everywhere like crazy. Since then until now, I still haven't got to rest and I am exhausted. My advice to you is to clearly think of what your next step will be, set realistic goals and reward yourself everytime you achieve them, and if you feel like you've chose the wrong thing, it's not too late for you to make it right.

Well that's all I have today. Goodluck and welcome to the real world young padawan (Star Wars reference, get it? K, bye.)