THE MOST PAINFUL PAMPERING I'VE DONE SO FAR! There was so much buzz with the new black peel-off mask in Instagram, Facebook, etc. Even my queens @sup3rfruit did a fun vlog with it (RIPPING OUR FACES OFF Video) and that's what made me thought of writing this review. I've had it for quite some time now but I never actually did a full face on trial. I did, however, used it on a really stingy black head before that was impossible to remove but this peel-off mask did the trick. The next day after using it, my black head just popped off.....disgusting, but true.

My sister got it from her friend via taobao but was too scared to try it so I tried it 1st. As I've mentioned, it helped me get rid of a 2-month long giant black head in a day so I just had to get one for myself. I know it looks scary for some people, though I really like the black color. There's a few more brands out there that has the exact same concept, but this SHILLS Black Mask is one of the best (or so I've read). Without further ado, I've provided some quick FAQs you might wanna know about:

How to apply:
Apply a generous amount on dry face starting from the forehead, the T-Zone, under eyes, cheeks, and around the lip area. Wait for about 20-30 mins until the whole face mask is dried up. Peel it off starting from the forehead again down to the chin. Just wipe your face with baby wipes to remove the little mask leftovers. Pretty easy and straightforward to use!

How does it feel?
It's cooling when you start applying it to your face. You'd feel like your face was drenched in iced cucumber water with mint (at least that's how I felt). While waiting for it dry, it starts feeling tight and you'd feel a little bit of sting. But not to worry, it's really how it's suppose to feel.

Did it work?
Hell yeah it did! It just feels so much better after the whole peeling process. I swear my face felt like a baby's butt until the next morning. When you peel off the mask you'd see a few 'face dirt' on it which is really satisfying to look at!

Does it hurt so bad?
It does hurt I'll say that much, but in a very satisfying kinda way. I'm used to waxing and plucking things from my face and my body so I think I can endure this kind of pain. It did make me tear up a little bit. But seriously though, you gotta work hard to look this good, am I right? No pain, no gain!

Any tips on how to use it better?

  • Make sure your face is freshly cleaned before using the mask; you'd want your face to be as oil-free as possible
  • Applying a thicker layer is easier to peel and removes more dirt
  • I suggest you drink water during the process to not feel dehydrated
  • Try it first on small areas on your face before you do a full-on mask, helps you endure the pain.
  • Don't be impatient! Wait until the whole mask is really really dry
  • Peel it fast rather than slow with long stops in between, it makes it worse girl!
  • Applying it at night before bed is the best so your face can rest from make up and the outside environment
  • Let your face breathe for 5-10 mins after peeling. Clean your face with toner and moisturize for better, smoother results
  • You don't need to do it everyday! Just like other face masks, maybe once in a week or two is more than enough

Would you recommend it?
100% recommend it to anyone who wants a thrilling pampering experience! If you're a beauty geek like me, or if you're just someone looking for a cheaper yet good facial, then I definitely recommend the SHILLS Black Mask. I guarantee you'd feel rejuvenated af!

Well that's all I have for today! If you think I should do more of these reviews, comment to me on any of my social media links and I'll try to do as much beauty product reviews for you! Till next time!

Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)