The Great European Carnival HK

A great way to end the 1st month of 2016! Me and my sibs (boyfriend & in-law included) had a last minute trip to Hong Kong. There wasn't much planning involved so we didn't really know what to do. Good thing we found out that there was a carnival stationed in the Central Pier. I've always wanted to go in this place and I finally did!

  The event was the annual "AIA The Great European Carnival", so there were lots of rides, game stalls and snack carts. I wasn't feeling good that day. I only got to ride the flying swing because my stomach was hurdling and I really felt like puking! I was so jealous with my sisters who got to ride the "Atmos" (like the Challenger in Ocean Park).

We mostly took pictures and walked around instead of going on riding rides. We then sat in front of the stage where local bands performed. All-in-all, despite being sick, it was a fun day with perfect weather! 

You can check more of our pictures during this trip here. Have you ever went to the carnival in Hong Kong? How did you spend the last days of January??? Let me know! I'm searching for suggestions!

Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)