Red, Gold & Shimmer

Happy Year of the Monkey! Chinese New Year is like an extra holiday for us non-Chinese in Macau, which is a good thing! So I got a few days off from both blogging and school. I felt so stressed and tired lately which made me decide to just rest this whole week. Fortunately for me, I had this whole Valentine and Chinese New Year segment which gave me alot to post about.

This look is inspired by the colors and festivity of Chinese New Year. The stereotypical red and gold combination wasn't easy to pull off, and personally I think you have to think about your pieces wisely when going for both these colors. Not only did I wear CNY colors, I also wanted to show how fun yet traditional this event is celebrated, so I went for a lace red peplum top paired with a shining-shimmering-splendid skirt (Aladdin anyone?)

I also knew that each animal in the Chinese calendar has their own lucky color and since it's the year of the monkey, I added a little hint of blue for luck!

Check out this website if you wanna know your lucky colors this year!

If you're like me, born in a different country from your nationality, it's better to embrace both cultures and traditions. I'm not used to Philippine culture as much as Macau Chinese culture, but I try to know more about both. 

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x Top, Necklace & Skirt: F21 // Bracelet: Local Shop (Thailand) // Shoes: Edge (Zalora) x 
Photo Credits: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)