3 Events, 1 Day (#TOTD)

Sooo.... just a random post for today. "What's it like to celebrate 3 important events in 1 day?", I'm talking about  my sister's birthday, my anniversary with @dash_ad and Valentines day. Yepp, 3 events that happen to fall in one day. Oh well, it's been years and I can say that I'm kinda used to it. I even got better in planning and organizing. There's one good thing though, I get to save more by celebrating both Valentines and our anniversary together (Mwuahaha!)
Well all that aside, below is a list of what's it like to celebrate all 3 events in 1 day:

You have to think ahead!

Thinking days, weeks or even a month ahead is a much needed part of the process; you have to consider time and activities that goes hand-in-hand with each other (e.g. What time is the showing of Deadpool in the cinemas or your dinner plans with your family). Make sure that reservations don't clash and take caution with making plans with different people.

This year, we knew Deadpool was coming out a few days before Valentines (yes, we're geeks!) so we already go a chance to plan ahead of when are we gonna buy tickets and what to do afterwards that doesn't happen at the same time with my sister's birthday.

Make sacrifices

The hardest part of the process is when you start evaluating which ones to celebrate on that day. Basically prioritizing which event stays and which ones are to be postponed to other nearby dates. 

Well, in my case, I don't really have much of a choice! Of course, it's every 14th that I have to celebrate the birthday of my youngest sister (@kara_cenon) due to family matters. Lucky for me, my boyfriend is very understanding of that and even celebrates the birthday with us! Good thing about this is that we already know that we have to sacrifice our Anniversary on every 14th February and postpone it to a day before or later, it doesn't surprise us anymore! (#sadlife)

Create plan B's (or C, D & E)

The optional yet helpful part of this process. In situations like this, it wouldn't hurt to come up with a few side plans just incase something goes wrong with the original plan. Maybe a substitute dinner arrangement or getting up really early to finish off some of the items in your checklists. Another suggestion is to ask your sister to change her day of birth in her birth certificate so you could finally enjoy Valentine dates! (Just kiddin....maybe)

If you're quite confident with how you'd handle unexpected turnouts, then this step might not at all be necessary. However, if you're like me, and you overthink things and consider yourself as a pessimist, then taking precaution may seem like an important step.

So that's my #TOTD and I hope that some of my tips may be of use to you. It comes from years of experience and hoping that