Grey Yet Colorful

Happy Monday! And from people involved with Chinese culture, Happy Year of the Monkey! As I've posted a few days ago, I recently went to the AIA Great European Carnival with my sibs. It was an opportunity to take outfit shots out of Macau and add something a little bit different here in the blog.
My look was not much since I focused more on comfortability rather than style. Wore this lovely grey tartan sweater over a knee-length A-line skirt, so even if it's all grey, it still has a bit spark! Oh! And as you can see my bag was also grey. I think it was the influence of long days with bad weather.

Of course I didn't want to wear all grey, so I topped my look with blue tinted sunnies, gold accessories and not-so-pearly-white-anymore slip-ons. As I've mentioned in the last post, the carnival was great and fun. I had a good time, and I could say the same for my sibs and boyfriend.

These pictures were taken under the huge ferriswheel that we didn't get a chance to ride. It was already around 4 in the afternoon so the lighting was not that great. And not mention the gloomy, cloudy skies we've been having. Just to clarify, this actually isn't my go-to style when going to carnivals and amusement parks. I just thought of the outfit as a last minute thing! Anyhow, let me know how your CNYs we're celebrated!

x Sweater: Bossini // Skirt and Sunnies: F21 // Bag: Zalora x 
Photo Credits: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)