Happy Year of the Monkey / Zalora Brand Ambassador

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Year of the Monkey! It's the 2nd day of the new year (Yes! Chinese spend their New Years for a week or so) and most of my fellow young citizens are excited to collect their "lai si"/red pockets. Also, to those who just got married, sucks to be you! (Yepp, I'm talking about you @styleche ) Coz from now on, you should be giving rather than receiving!
I don't really know what people do during CNY. I'm not even sure when exactly do they have feasts or parties, or don't they? I've been in Macau since I was born and we never seem to celebrate CNY traditionally since we're not Chinese at all. 

Well, if there's one thing I know, CNY is more about luck, fortune and prosperity! So here's a little something for ya! I've been shopping online for almost a year now and I've tried only a few websites that I actually liked. My favorite, however, was Zalora. This CNY, they have a 20% discount for all purchases.

However, you can use my code BAPQGU1 on your 1st purchase to get 15% OFF. I applied to be a brand ambassador and personally, I think it's a great opportunity.
Well that's my gift to you this CNY and all year round! So go on to zalora.com.hk , find something you like, enter my code above and get a great discount :)

P.S. my Facebook Page earned 100 likes today too! Thank you so much!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Photo Credits: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)