Fairytale of Lights

Macau has done it again! Another lights show was held to improve the tourism sector and this time, instead of going for a Chinese New Year theme, Macau went for another occasion: Valentines Day. They made the typical "Christmas" lights into more of a love-theme, and the results? Beautiful! The official name of the event is the "Valentine Fantasia 2016 - Fairytale of Lights" and it will run from Feb 7-29, 2016.

Lights surrounded the whole street from Cal├žada do Quartel, all the way up to Mt. Carmel Church and down to the Taipa House Museums. Unlike the Christmas version of this event, it didn't reach the Macau Peninsula, only in a specific place in Taipa. It was odd, because Macau doesn't really celebrate Valentines Day; and since it was always close to their CNY, Valentines was usually just a minor event. But because of marketing Macau's diversity and as an international tourist destination, I guess it was just natural to celebrate both events equally.

Also, in the recent years, Macau wanted to boost their culture and heritage sector, and a pretty attraction like this is just what they need to give both locals and tourists a reason to visit their heritage sites!

There were lots of people since the light's show only looks good after the sun sets. It made it very difficult to take nice pictures since each attraction has like crowds blocking the view. We made a mistake not bringing our kit lens and we had to go through the whole night with our 50mm macro lenses, so taking romantic and scenic pictures was just impossible.

If I were to choose a favorite, it would probably be the lovely white-lit roses that are used in almost every area. They were very pretty and it made me wanna bring one home (I didn't! I swear!). I regret going there on a weekend right on the peak time because there were alot of attractions I didn't get to see nor did I get a chance to take a picture of.

To read more about this lovely event, go on to:
to know about the purpose and the details. 

Also, to see more photos I took, go on to the link below.

Posted by Katee Of The Day on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad) & Krystelle Cenon (@kara_cenon)