This World Is Magical (#TOTD)

Spreading good vibes with another #TOTD here on the blog! Christmas has just passed but the magic doesn't stop there. It's up to you if you'd want to continue your life's wonders all throughout 2018. The welcoming of the new year is in a few days, have you already written up those resolutions you'd want to pursue?

As for me, my resolutions are somewhat simple, yet difficult for me to constantly do. One of my resolutions is to start saving up "for real", in benefit of my future plans with my career and my blogger life. Another one of my resolutions is to try to stay positive with all the things that seem to come crashing down at once. 2017 hasn't really been the best, there are a lot of good memories and great 1st experiences, but there were also lots of times I wish I'd forget about. Hopefully this coming year would be better! I'm really looking forward to what blessings 2018 has in store for me; I mean, aren't we all? Well that's it for my short #TOTD today! I guess I just wanted to reflect on life together with you guys! May you have a Happy New Year! Let's take on 2018 like a boss!

Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)


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  2. Haha, saving for real is also my resolution for the New Year!

    The photos are lovely and definitely have that Brandon Woelfel vibe to it:D You look gorgeous in them!

    ♥ Charms |

    1. Babe! Cheers to another year for our sites!! #bloggersisters

      Well Adrian was definitely inspired by BW for this shot :D Thank you as always!