TeamLab @ MGM Macau

Call me childish, but going to Team Lab has definitely been one of the best things I've ever done! Finally Team Lab has come to Macau! After seeing (and getting jealous of) people who went to their space in Shenzhen and Japan, I luckily got to try it for myself. I've always been artistic, art has been one of my fortes for as long as I can remember, so being able to attend an interactive art space like this has always been a dream for me. Being one with art as I should put it. Keep scrollin' to see more awesome pictures. Also, vlog included!
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Team Lab Macau is located in MGM Macau and is consisted of 3 major spaces. Upon entry, you'd see a large wall size screen with 2D pictures of Santa Claus, Christmas trees, trucks, buildings, and more, moving about with different designs. The idea is to let your imagination come to life! Uncolored pictures are available on shelves to choose from, start coloring and designing at the art desks, and get your creation scanned. After scanning, your creation will come to life! Me and Adrian had a mini-challenge, you can watch about it in my vlog.

The 2nd space is the Opera Orb Balls. A large space filled with colorful lit balls that changes color when bounced or pressed. Why opera you ask? Because every time the ball gets hit (along with color changing) it makes key sounds of pianos and/or other instruments. I've had so much fun but taking photos was difficult because there were so much people! The 3rd space is the same concept as the 1st one. Design and scan. Although, instead of seeing your creation move in the big screen, you get to play with it in a room-sized playground. Splashes of vibrant colors happens when you hit or step on the scanned creations. It was my favorite space out of the 3 since it's when I felt in total submersion with art. 

It was a beautiful experience! I know that it wasn't as big, and the art spaces were limited, compared with the ones in Shenzhen and Japan. But, as a first, it gave me a really wonderful time! Anyone can enjoy, not only kids, even adults! Entry rate starts at MOP 150, and it's on-going until the end of February 2018. Is it worth the visit? Heck yeah! Watch more of my experience on the vlog!   

For more information, visit the official website: TEAMLAB AND MGM PRESENT: LEARN & PLAY! TEAMLAB FUTURE PARK

Event: Team Lab/MGM Future Park
Date: December 01, 2017 - February 28, 2018
Venue: MGM Art Space, MGM MACAU Level 2 (via Grande Pra├ža)
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)