Merry Christmas, loves!

'Tis the season to be jolly... falalalala lala la la! Oh Christmas is finally here and I'm definitely in high spirits! I'm currently in the Philippines spending the holidays and my oh my, it's been 15 years since we last celebrated Christmas here. Pretty long time if you ask me. But then again, Christmas is anywhere as long as you're in the spirit! Keep scrolling to see what my are my faves about this season. Also, I've made a makeup tutorial on  how to get this glammed up Christmas party look! *cheers!*

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What is your favorite thing about Christmas? I definitely love the spirit of it! I love how it's always magical when Christmas is near, you know like sparkly street lights and decorations. My favorite however, is wrapping gifts and decorating. In my makeup tutorial I've mentioned that I used to give even small and cheap gifts to my classmates during high school and I just really enjoyed wrapping them all in different styles, together with hand-written Christmas cards that I sometimes hand-make as well. We also always decorate our classrooms and I was usually in -charge of that! Christmas time is definitely one of my fave memories in high school.... oh so nostalgic!

When it comes to food, I'm a big sucker for Christmas desserts! I don't know what desserts you guys usually have, but in our place we mostly serve 'ube-halaya' and 'leche plan', my absolute faves! I also sometimes cook or bake for Christmas. A few years ago I made candied apples and gingerbread  man cookies! My go to Christmas colors? Always in white and red! And lastly, my fave Christmas song(s)? Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Winter Wonderland, and Mistletoe!

Should I do a Christmas cooking tutorial next year? Or perhaps gift wrapping ideas? Let me know! Well that's it for me today. I hope that you guys are in so much cheer like me this Christmas! Happy Holidays! *muah*

Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)


  1. Without a doubt, this is just for one of the most-awaiting holiday season - Christmas! I like your article, it is full of intriguing things!