Eyelash Extensions + Gel Nails @The Minute

It's finally December! The holiday season is here and in a few weeks I'm about to travel again. In anticipation, I had a chance to pamper myself with The Minute, Macau. I got lash extensions and a fresh set of gel nails. They have more services like mani-pedis and brow shaping; for more details go visit Macau Lifestyle to know more about the shop info! Also, I've included a short vlog on my YouTube Channel to share my awesome experience with The Minute! (Scroll down to watch my vlog)

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I first got my lashes done. If I'm not mistaken (most of the names in their pamphlet were written in Chinese), I think I chose the 'Bella Lashes' in 12mm. The first time I got lash extensions was around mid-2016 which you can read about here: Pampering for vacay, and that time I went for non-dramatic lashes. It was shorter and thinner because I wanted it to be a bit more natural looking. So this time I wanted to spice things up! The ones I chose were actually one of the longest and fuller ones and damn, no regrets were given! I love them! They look amazing and I can't even remember what I look like without them anymore. What love about them is that I don't even really put makeup anymore and yet I still look great (in my opinion).

It's not all fun though, mostly it is, but not all the time. I kinda teared up a lot upon application because of the protection pads hitting my eyeballs for about an hour. The lady who did this was worried that the glue wouldn't work as well since my tears kinda made it harder to dry. Also, my makeup routine was cut into half (which is a good thing) but washing my face and taking showers has me overthink on how to not get them wet. Everything else about them though is great!

Next I got my nails done. I always get gel nails and they stay on for like a good month and a half. Sometimes even for two months! I wanted something simple yet striking so I got nude pinks along with a pastel marble nail art on the ring fingers and the thumbs. I've gotten my nails done quite a lot of time before and in a lot of places, but the way they do it in The Minute is different. Better, I should say. I feel like my nails are budge proof and hoping that they'd stay until New Years Eve.

Well that's about it guys! I personally recommend The Minute for any of your beautifying needs! They're professional, caring, and you'll definitely leave happily. They accept walk-ins but eyelash appointments require at least a day before reservations. Go try it now!!! STAY BEAUTIFUL!

Photo & Video Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)