Che & Leon's Traditional Chinese Wedding

Congratulations Chezka (@styleche) & Leon (@leorio826)! You're finally married...... again. Hahaha! These chiggaz had their 1st marriage last September 2014, 3 years later they celebrated their 2nd marriage in Leon's hometown: Foshan, Guandong. Will they have a 3rd time? Maybe. At least they're getting married to the same person, right? It was the 1st time I've ever been involved in a Chinese wedding, goes the same for my whole family. So let's just say that everything that happened that day was totally unexpected! Watch my vlog below to see everything that we did during that beautiful day! 

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1st and foremost, the whole celebration was in Chinese, and the only ones who could speak to us in English, translating, was Leon and his sister. Not that we're complaining, at the very least, language barriers was the thing we most expected! Also, my sister could speak Cantonese good enough to let people know that we actually understood them. The day started with a simple breakfast at the hotel, followed by a long game of dress-up back in our hotel room. Chezka obviously had a beautician hired to keep her pretty the whole day, so I played as the beautician for the whole fam! I had so much fun doing their makeup and hair, especially my sisters, even if I wasn't a professional. In all honesty, I think I made them look great!

A quick tea ceremony was then held in the hotel room with our parents before going to Leon's house. There were so much picture taking and different processions the whole way to his place. Since I was the 'maid of honor' (more like maid of horror), apparently I had to block Chezka from the sun with my bright red umbrella. You could call me her sunblock. The whole time I was separated with Adrian too, but he understood. None of us knew what to do or what was happening, we just went with the flow. We went back to the hotel for a quick touch-up afterwards before the reception banquet in the evening. 

There was a photo boot outside the reception area where we took lots of photos with the bride and the groom, some of their relatives, and our own family picture! From the photo boot, the reception only looked like they had 100 something people, little do we know that that was just the outer part. Since we were in the head table which was at the very front, we had to pass by almost a thousand people. We stand out a lot too coz we were the only non-Chinese people in the venue. The food was great, the celebration was great, it was actually a very fun night!  

At the end of it, we were dead tired. Who knew Chinese weddings could be that tiring! However, it will probably be one of our best memories ever! 

Date: November 16, 2017
Venue: Foshan, Guandong China
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)