Cheshire Cat Makeup - Happy Halloween!

Ho Ho Ho... Wait... what? Too early for that but as of now HAPPY HALLOWEEN WITCHES! Just like every year, I don't really do anything on Halloween but put on makeup, take pictures, and wonder why I can't have fun like everyone else I watch and see in YouTube and Instagram. But that's what happens when you're stuck in a small region like Macau, not to mention how everything is mostly in Chinese. We don't have trick or treating, last time we had a house party was years ago, and all we ever really have are clubs. Oh well.... "I'm not crazy. My reality is just different from yours."

I recently just bought face/body paint from TaoBao (Chinese online thrift shop) and it got delivered later than expected. So there wasn't really any time to do a trial-and-error process. Originally I was gonna do couple sugar skulls with Adrian, but he got sick on that day so I had no choice but to just wing it. Also, I only had two days left before Halloween so I didn't want to postpone the whole makeup session. So I went with something I was already familiar with...

Three years ago, in 2014, I did a simplified baby version of a Cheshire Cat I saw from Promise Phan. Yes I love her and Michelle Phan a lot! Out of pressure I decided to just re-create that look and maybe even make it a lot better. The picture I had in mind was so much more cooler but since I didn't try on the paint before hand, I didn't know that they took FOREVER to dry.

I tried to salvage whatever I was already starting and ended with this! Hope you guys liked it! I did a whole vlog while applying slabs of paint onto my face so make sure to check that out! Give it a thumbs up, Subscribe if you can, and I'll see you soon Boo! 
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Photo Credits to: Chezka Cenon (@styleche)