On the way to Koh Samui | Day 1

'Koh Samui will always have a place in my heart'. Like I've mentioned quite a lot before, it's not my 1st time to go Thailand. It is, however, my 1st time to go Koh Samui and it's so much more different than the other places I've went to before. I'll get to that in a minute. I just want to say that I'm so happy to finally get to write this! I've been so busy since we got back that I didn't have time to edit pictures or write blog posts, but here I am now! Expect to have a blog post and a vlog for every single day of our trip. My 1st 2 vlogs are now up on my YouTube Channel: 

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There's so much I want to talk about with very limited time! Also, I don't want to bore my readers with unnecessary moments from my trip. So just for this post (still deciding if I'd do the same with the other 3 days), I've decided to write it similarly to my reviews -- Q&A style! It'll be more straight-forward and faster to read! These are the common questions I got from Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Some are just general info I want you to know:

1. How did you get to Koh Samui? How long did it take?
We 1st took a 2-hour plane ride from Macau to BKK at 10:10 p.m. and arrived at 12:45 a.m. Thai local time because we were delayed for an hour (MO is an hour later than TH). The longest wait was around 7hrs just in Don Mueang International Airport. Our flight to Surat Thani was an hour long and took off at 07:10 a.m.. From Surat Thani we took an hour long (or so) bus ride to the Dansok Pier going to Na Thon Pier. 

From Na Thon it was another 30-mins ride in a minivan to reach the bottom of our hotel. Our hotel was on top of a hill and cars were restricted from driving up that we had to wait for the hotel pick-up. So.... as you can see it was a pretty long commute and we were, no joke, dead tired once we reached the room!

2. Which hotel did you stay at?
We stayed for 4 days-3 nights at The Jungle Club, Koh Samui. I definitely recommend them! The staff were very nice and caring that being on top of a hill wasn't much of a difficulty. Probably the best employees I've ever encountered! The view was just breath taking from everywhere: the resto bar, the pool, and even our room. 

If ever you plan on staying there, I suggest you to book their "Jungle Lodge". It's only a few dollars more expensive but totally worth it! Very serene that even after a long, tiring day touring, you'd still feel relaxed. My favorite place is definitely their 'infinity-styled' pool! (I'll write a full review of the hotel soon!)

3. How to get from Jungle Club to Chaweng Noi walking street (or any other places)?
Our hotel only had 2 free pick-up services throughout the whole day: 10:00 a.m. and 06:0 p.m.. Every ride after that costs THB50 per person (THB100 for non in-house guests). The Chaweng Noi walking street was around 10mins away, so we went for two nights from the starting point all the way to Central Festival Mall. Everything was cheap but not as cheap as Pattaya was.

The food though! We had seafood alot! Fresh from the grill, mostly sauteed in garlic sauce. We had lobsters, crab, prawns, and calamari for only less than THB2000 (around MOP500). We also had 6 mango shakes each while in Koh Samui, it was like our go-to drink!

Well that's pretty much all there is, especially for our 1st day. To sum it up: Koh Samui is beautiful and peaceful. It was a tiring trip, yet I also feel very relaxed and refreshed after spending 4 days there. And if you ask me? I'd definitely love to go back next time!

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Date: October 11 - 16, 2017
Venue: Koh Samui and Bangkok, Thailand