Namuang Waterfall & Safari Park! Off Road Tour | Day 3

We ended our trip to Koh Samui in the best way possible! Our tour guide picked us up at around 08:45 a.m., and from there onwards we were already riding a 4x4 (keep scrolling to see what it looks like!). Our 1st stop was the Big Buddha where I was asked to wear a kimono because my attire was inappropriate. I really liked how the kimono looked on me so I ended up buying the exact same one for myself! We then headed to one of the naughtiest attractions ever: Hin Ta and Hin Yai (Grandfather and Grandmother rock). It was interesting to see natural rock formation in those shapes... haha! Up next is to Namuang Waterfall and Safari Park, and boy, we did so much fun activities!

It started with the Elephant show where 4-5 really talented baby elephants did things like dance, hula hoop, play soccer, battle in tug-of-war, paint, give massages, and steal bunches of bananas from the audience. Yes, ours got stolen too! The monkey show afterwards wasn't so great and only had one baby monkey. The crocodile show, however, was the most thrilling one I've watched! I am a bit terrified with crocs and gators to begin with! 

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We had a quick buffet lunch at the park, it tasted really good. But then we had to hurry for the next activity which was the Elephant trekking. It was Adrian's 1st time to ride an elephant and I think he really enjoyed! Our elephant's name was somboon (I think that's how you spell it); she's 25 years old and pregnant according to our guide. When we got back we took a quick photo with the leopard that seemed really pissed.

Our next destination was to the Namuang waterfall. We only went to the smaller one but it was still beautiful. On the way there we rode on top of our 4x4 and it felt great; with the road being so rocky and the winds being strong. We then visited the mummified monk: 'Wat Kunaram' and went on the highest point of the island to visit another Buddha with statues of the zodiacs. The view was so breathtaking, you could really overlook the whole island. After 8 hours of non-stop touring we finally got back at our hotel and went for our last swim. 

It was a super fun-filled day! I really enjoyed it and I think that we couldn't have ended our trip in any better way. To top off the day we went back to Chaweng walking street, did some last minute shopping for souvenirs then feasted again with a large seafood platter. Fun fact: We consumed 6 mango shakes each in a matter of 3 days because.... life! Haha! That's the end of the Koh Samui craze, next up > Bangkok!

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Date: October 11 - 16, 2017
Venue: Koh Samui and Bangkok, Thailand