Too Good For You

Happy Chinese New Year guys! I don't know if you celebrate it or not, but anyways, have a prosperous year of the rooster! In case you're wondering (you're probably not), I'm year of the dog; what's your Chinese zodiac? 

Also, may I just point out that I did as I promised in my previous post... no more Thailand. It actually feels refreshing to be taking new looks for the blog. Currently, I'm working on 3 new outfits and there are a lot more to come in the following weeks!

On a different note: I've already been a Zalora Brand Ambassador for more than a year, but I stopped showcasing my discount code after a few months of joining since not much people were using it (kinda discouraging). I did earn quite a lot from it though, not to mention that most of my clothes for the blog is from Zalora HK. So....why am I bringing this up? Well, I just thought it was the perfect time to advertise my discount code again since 90% of the pieces I'm wearing for this look was bought from Zalora (check outfit details below).

Trust me, it's my go-to online shop because it's cheap, great quality, and delivered right at my door! All you gotta do is head over to, store items in your wishlist, do some last minute decisions, and don't forget to input my code: BAPQGU1 to get 15% off your 1st purchase. See you on my next look! Happy CNY & Happy shopping!!!

x Fur Sweater: In-Leading (via Zalora) // High-waist Jeans: Something Borrowed (via Zalora) // Boots: Zalora // Choker: H&M x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)