Cozy In Peach

And the cold days continues here in Macau, same goes for my everyday sweater game! I gotta say, the weather is being indecisive once more; it's freezing cold in one day then it turns to a sunny cool day on the next. 

Doesn't matter! As long as I could keep wearing sweaters (or winter clothes in general) until the next few months, then I'm happy. Not to mention, I love blogging in winter! It's a lot easier in terms of not sweating my make-up off or worrying about direct sunlight in my pictures. Anyway, enough about weather talk, how's your weekend so far?

As usual, I'll be working instead of enjoying, but that's ok. A little update on my personal life: I want to find a new and less-stressful job but I can't seem to get a good chance! Since I'm living in a region controlled by Chinese people, being able to fluently speak Cantonese and Mandarin is a total must. Heads up, I don't speak Chinese. Maybe just a little bit that's not even enough for small talks.

I am still trying to find a job and I'm not gonna give up until I can finally do something different than checking in and out guests. All that aside, I wish you're weekend is going great. Chinese New Year just ended and the shops are finally starting to open again. I guess that's it for today, see you next week!

x Sweater: H&M // Skirt: Alcott // Boots: Zalora // Sunnies: Thailand x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)