Bangkok | City Strolling (Day 2)

Obligatory "throwback Thursday" post?? Just a continuation of our fun-filled trip to Thailand 2 weeks back. Before heading to Pattaya, we stayed a day in Bangkok just to roam around the city and see what it's like to be in the capital. 

Bangkok is a very beautiful place, modern yet still has it's culture every here and there. 1st thing we did when we woke up was went swimming at our hotel's pool. The pool was amazingly deep and not to small, something you won't really see from hotels at that category. Plus, the weather was exceptionally great; not too hot, not too cold and definitely perfect for lounging by the pool.

After checking-out from Somerset, we walked around Sukhumvit road where we saw lots of food vendors and even a small market area. A little more further and we reached the Terminal 21. What I liked the most was probably its unique set-up; each floor is different based on their countries, basically it was like an airport! A bit too pricey to buy souvenirs so we just bought a little since we still had a few more days to do shopping. We had some Thai-fusioned lunch at The Terrace and rode the MTR to Bang Wa afterwards. Finally, we reached the Sathorn Pier and had a lovely boat ride to Tha Maharaj Pier.

It was already 4:30pm by the time we got to the Grand Palace and we didn't get to go inside the walls, so that was quite a bummer. As usual, we were fashionably late. To make us feel better, we bought ice cream from Baskin Robbins because we were tired and hungry. By this time, everyone was already dead tired! And yet, we still needed to rush back to our hotel, get the luggages and ride a van to go to Pattaya...... It was really a hassle day!

But I guess this is it for today. That was just a rough summary of our 2nd day in Bangkok. Next post would be about Pattaya so make sure to check that out! Until then, bye!

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Photo & Video Credits by: Yours Truly & My sisters