Pin Up Inspired

สวัสดี! Haven't done an outfit post in a while because of all the holidays that gone by. Not to mention, my constant uploads of our Thailand trip. Well, to be honest this look is included in my never-ending Thailand posts too! 

Like I said in the previous post, even if the pool was filthy, it still "looked" pretty. I wasn't really planning to take outfit shots for the whole trip because my photographer wasn't with me (sad life), but my sister (@styleche) was kind enough to take my pictures.

Unlike my trip to Boracay last June, I didn't really prepare any swimwear or holiday pieces. I only bought 1 monokini from a Korean brand in Zalora and wore it for Tawaen beach. Luckily, I love collecting bikinis/swimwear. I had at least 5 pairs ready for the whole trip because I don't like using the same thing. I was going for a little bit of pin up girl inspired, hence the title, but I was too fat (just like every other girl says to themselves).

You'd see my double chin, cellulites and a few love handles here and there. Embarrassing! But then again, I feel pretty with what I'm wearing and how I look. Confidence is a really powerful thing! As I remember, I have one more Thailand outfit post. I might start preparing it soon, tomorrow I go back to travel posts and vlogs. Hope you're enjoying them so far!

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Photo Credits to: Chezka Cenon (@styleche)