Bangkok | Touchdown Thailand (Day 1)

How's it going peeps? Enjoying 2017 so far? I know I am! Problem is, I have no freaking time to prepare all blogposts and even edit the vlogs from our Thailand trip 2 weeks ago. So I'm pulling an all nighter in the past few days, trying to rush everything -_- But anyways, I finally got around to editing some of the pictures and I think I'd wanna do a day-by-day post.... Coz yah know.... too much happened in Thailand for me to fit in 1 or 2 posts!
So let's get started with our 1st day in Thailand. Not much really happened though for our 1st night; our flight was as at 17:50 (Macau time) and we arrived at Dong Muang Airport BKK sometime around 21:00 (Thailand Time). Not only did we have a late flight, it was delayed as well. Atleast we got to our destination safe and sound. 1st thing we did was head to our hotel, which was probably the best hotel for this entire trip, the Somerset at Suhkumvit. (You'll see why I mentioned it's the best in the later posts).

Dropping off our stuff and going out again to find a place to eat, we ended up having dinner at the Sixteen Bites & Wine. It was close to our hotel and the food they served tasted quite good. I'm not all about their drinks though, but I guess they weren't meant to be a family dining place, they were more like a bar.

So we finished our meals and walked back to the hotel. Everyone was dead tired so we slept it off, knowing that there was another tiring day ahead of us. I guess, that's about it for my 1st Thailand blogpost. I swear the next one would be a tad bit more interesting! See you until then! บาย!

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Photo Credits by: Yours Truly 


  1. Kara 2.... ish nice, imma put the video on my next travel post, taaaa!