Happy New Year & 1st Anniversary (#TOTD)

HAPPY NEW YEAR BECHES! Coming in 2017 alive and strong! Another year has gone by and it's just nice to look back at what happened during 2016.... But before all that, I just want to share with you all that today also marks the very 1st anniversary of #Katee Of The Day, basically I've officially been a blogger for a year! 

I wanna take this moment to thank all of you for supporting my little adventure as a blogger. Even the littlest views and the number of followers and likes I got so far has already motivated me to become an even better fashion and lifestyle blogger. Thank you so much!

Now moving on to 16 1st times I got to do in 2016:

1. I started #Katee Of The Day
2. Went inside a casino (just passed by, not gamble, I swear!)
3. Eat Korean BBQ
4. Watched Star Wars (and became a total fan girl!)
5. Traveled alone with Adrian
6. Visited relatives in Phils without my family
7. Went Boracay
8. Survived job hunting
9. Got my 1st full-time job
10. I graduated college (well that's a 1 time only thing though)
11. Watched live wrestling
12. Had really really great quality Japanese food
13. Went to staff parties.... and actually had fun!
14. Bought 2 PS4s in one Christmas (I am now broke af)
15. Went to a rainy Clockenflop concert (the very 1st Clockenflop too btw)
16. Went Thailand with the whole family

How about you? Any 1st times you've only done in 2016? I'm not really sure what my New Year resolutions would be, usually I only follow them throughout the 1st month of a new year...so....kinda useless I would say! I also won't be jumping high anymore when the clock strikes 12, wishing I'd be any taller (Philippine beliefs :P). Even if 2016 felt so slow and stressful coz of all the new things it brought to my life, I would say that would definitely be an unforgettable year. And I'm kinda hoping 2017 would be awesome too! 

So let's take on 2017 as strong and happy as we did exactly a year ago! I'm looking forward to one hell of a year and you should too! Well that's it for now, Happy New Year everyone!

Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)